• Environment and Climate

Our approaches protect the environment and the families whose livelihoods depend on it.

We help smallholder farmers protect their agricultural assets in the face of a changing climate and improve vulnerable communities’ resilience to natural hazards like floods and droughts.

Climate change, pollution and extractive agriculture practices are destroying the land and natural resources smallholder farmers depend on for their livelihoods. And markets often fail to reward farmers for choosing practices that protect the biodiversity and ecosystem services needed to sustain productivity over the long term. Solutions at the farm, market and government levels are necessary to increase food production to meet growing global demand and increase farmer productivity and profitability in ways that conserve the environment.

  • We introduce environmentally sustainable farming practices so that communities can get the most out of their land while conserving and restoring the natural resources.
  • We find ways to capture and protect water, even in the most challenging environments.
  • We collaborate with universities, research institutes and the private sector to support and expand the production of climate-smart and zero-deforestation agricultural commodities.
  • We work with local and national governments to facilitate the equitable access to and protection of natural resources.
  • We help communities assess their vulnerabilities to natural hazards and develop the plans and skills they need to prepare for them.